App Features

Save time, stay informed, pay for repairs and manage your vehicles.

The ServiceGTG© app is packed with time-saving and easy-to-use features that simplify scheduling, keep ypou informed about repairs in progress, allow you to make secure payments for reparis after completion and manage all your families vehicles* - right from your phone, tablet or infotainment system. Take a closer look at the tools we provide:

Fast & Easy Scheduling

Scheduling your vehicle's next service appointment is just a few clicks away. Schedule at any of our partner service centers by searching for an open appointment timeslot at a service center nearby, select repairs needed and lock-in your appointment in just a few taps. When scheduling your next appointment take advantage of the service centers shuttle service or the ServiceGTG© app pick-up & delivery service to save time.

Stay informed During Repairs

During the repair process you'll be notified where your vehicle is in the process - from check-in to repair completion - you'll know where the vehcile is at each step of the process. If you select the pick-up & delivery service, you'll even know where and when your vehicle is picked-up and delivered for an added piece of mind.

Simple & Secure Payments

The ServiceGTG© app has a built-in secure wallet and payment solution. Easily manage your payment methods with our secure wallet, make one-time repair payments and purchase pre-paid services right from the ServiceGTG© app.

My Garage and Vehicle Management

Whether you have one vehicle or you want to manage your entire family of vehicles, it's super-easy... Just add your vehicle, check on recalls, notifications and schedule/manage your appointments.

Communicating During Repairs

Whether you have questions or your assigned service writer has questions or recommendations pertaining to your vehicle being serviced - you can easily communicate, without playing phone-tag, through the ServiceGTG© app chat program. Easily communicate through text, voice and video to discuss your questions and repair options.

ServiceGTG© Tokens and Loyalty Program

COMING SOON! Soon you'll have loyalty-based tokens and discounts when you are loyal to your service center using the ServiceGTG© app. After each repair you'll accrue ServiceGTG© tokens which can be used to purchase discounts and obtain rewards toward your next transaction.

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